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The GDC has a great way for you to reach a broad market of visitors.  We have limited spaces available for promotions/discounts on the Clean & Safe Team's Informational Kiosk.  We have direct contact with approximately 1,000 visitors a month at the kiosk.  Check out our simple and cost-effective program.

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The Duluth Downtown Waterfront offers your business potential that's unmatched by any other mid-size market.  Perhaps that's a bold statement, but it's supported by these solid facts. (Click on the following links for additional information).

Are there larger markets than Duluth? Sure.  But if you're looking to maximize your potential in a mid-size U.S. market, you won't do better than Duluth, MN.  But don't take our word for it.  Perform your due diligence.  Put us under a microscope.  You may end up reminding us of a few advantages we forgot to mention. 

For more information on business services or doing business in Downtown Duluth, contact Greater Downtown Council President, Kristi Stokes at or 218-727-8549.