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Year End Report 2010
Year-End Report 2010 (PDF)

Neon Green is the Color of Clean in Downtown Duluth!
The Duluth Downtown Waterfront District has a Clean & Safe Team designed to promote greater hospitality and safety in the downtown Duluth community. From Mesaba Avenue to 10th Avenue East and Canal Park to Second Street, you’ll find team members making your world:
  • Cleaner – by controlling litter, pressure washing, and removing weeds and graffiti
  • Safer – with uniformed visibility, and by reducing panhandling and escorting employees or visitors.
  • Friendlier – by providing directions, providing assistance and furnishing information on retail services.

Service is scheduled daily throughout the District with a goal of providing an overall package of service spread uniformly throughout the District. The Clean & Safe Team maximizes on its visibility in easily recognizable bright neon and royal blue uniforms. You’ll find them making rounds on foot or bicycle through all public rights of way, including the Skywalk.

Duluth Community

Got a Cleanliness or Safety Issue? Have a Request for Service?
Contact the Clean & Safe Team at:
218.727.8317 or 218.390.8899

You are the eyes of the Downtown Waterfront…call us when you see something amiss.

Hours of Service
Printable DDWD Summary Sheet (Revised 2010)

DDWD, Monthly Report, November 2013.pdf